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How to Run Android Apps on Windows XP

Yes it is true, Now you can run all of the famous Android Apps on your Windows Pc. Including Windows 7 and also Windows Xp. 

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All about Pinterest, The new really HOT social networking site

Pinterest, the recently launched project that lets you find interesting contents on the web and pin them on your pinboard, is one of the most visited social networking website, than Google+.


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Use the Word “Magnet” in Torrent Searches

When you go to Google or Bing to search for torrents include the word “magnet” in your search. This will help select the useful sites and block a lot of the ‘create an account’ sites.

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Here is good news for those who want to own the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Research In Motion have slashed the prices of their tablet PCs by 50 per cent and are now offering them at a price as low as Rs 13,490.

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